Bear was the dog I always wanted. I dreamed of him when I was just a kid and knew I had found him when I saw him on the pet rescue website. Bear was pure love lined with a coat of fur. Gentle and sweet mixed with spirited and mischievous. All personality. I called him Sir Prancey Pants because he didn’t walk; he pranced. 100% stud muffin with a side of attitude. He was my constant shadow and his memory remains in my house…in my closet, where he sought privacy….by my bed, where he slept at night….at the top of my stairs, where he stood guard mid-day…in my office window, where his dripping tongue left stains while he awaited my return….in my bathroom, where he would curl up until I finished my shower. He was like all dogs, completely unique and absolutely irreplaceable. I am blessed to have known him and to carry him in my heart for the rest of my life.

About Gary Horsman

Gary Horsman has worked in the area of marketing all over the world. Today he is an Internet Marketing Specialist and owner of WSI Global Reach and co-owner of Website Link Tactics. He lives in Vermont and has two great little pups that enjoy living in Vermont almost as much as he does.
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  1. jim says:

    I didn’t know him and I’ll miss him (Mr. prancy pants)

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